Zicro Coldshoe

The Zicro Coldshoe attaches a coldshoe accessory to the end of a 15mm rod or Zacuto articulating arm.
Manufacturer: Zacuto
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Manufacturer part number: Z-ZCCS
1 950,00 ₽ excl tax
The Zicro Coldshoe allows you to mount any device with a hotshoe adapter to a 15mm rod, or an articulating arm or Zud. (A Zud is a short rod with either a 1/4 20 or 3/8 16 screw or screw hole on one end.) Now you can easily mount any light, sound recorder, microphone, or other hotshoe accessory to the Zicro Coldshoe, slide it onto a 15mm rod, and quick release with the red lever. You can also mount your C300 monitor directly onto the Zicro Coldshoe and onto any 15mm rod on your rail system.

Zacuto Zamerican Arms and Accessories from Zacuto on Vimeo.