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2XLR + Phantom Power
$8,858.54 inclusive Steuer

JuicedLink JL-CX431

4XLR + Phantom Power
$13,886.77 inclusive Steuer

JuicedLink DS214

Run-n-Gun Audio Solution, as well as Dual-Audio Solution, for cameras and recorders. Headphone amplifier, right/left meters, AGC Disable (for cameras such as the 7D and T2i which do not have manual control), individual right/left channel control, low-noise preamp. Operates from a 9V battery. Various options for mounting to your camera.
$4,259.20 inclusive Steuer

JuicedLink JL-DT454

4 Mic Control (2 XLR + 3.5mm Stereo) + Phantom Power + Meter + Headphone + AGC Disabler
$12,393.09 inclusive Steuer

JuicedLink preamplifier JL-CX211

2 XLR input Camcorder Adapter/Preamp
$5,885.98 inclusive Steuer