Stinger For Canon C100-C300-C500

Stinger For Canon C100-C300-C500 includes Zacuto long handles and a counterbalance weight to create a stable framework for accessories.
Manufacturer: Zacuto
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Manufacturer part number: Z-CSTG
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The Stinger for Canon C100-C300-C500 is an in-line system best used on long shooting days. It is a balanced shoulder mounted rig. It features Zacuto C300 Studio Baseplate which attaches to the camera with 3/8” 16 and ¼” 20 screws.

This baseplate features a pair of 15mm rods that are 12” long running through the length of the baseplate. You can quickly reposition the rods for various lens lengths by loosening the 2 levers, one on each side of the baseplate. On each side of the baseplate there is a set of 15mm lightweight holes. The side holes take 15mm female rods that are locked via an Allen screw. You can add an arm, a rod or an EVF Mount. Or you could add two short female/female rods and mount a Zwiss Plate V2 with professional batteries off of the side when shooting on a tripod for better balance. The baseplate has standard ¼” 20 and 3/8” 16 holes on the bottom for mounting the rig onto a tripod.

The Stinger includes Zacuto Shoulder Pad with 7” rods and Z-Lite 7 lb counterbalance weight for a fully balanced in-line rig. (Want to attach batteries at the back instead? Check out Zacuto Stinger Plus.) You can slide the counterbalance weight forward and backward on the rods for custom comfort.

This rig can be used on your left or right shoulder. With the shoulder pad and counterbalance weight coming directly off of the back of the baseplate, the rig is perfectly in-line and ready to be used with one of Zacuto EVFs for traditional ENG style shooting. You can mount your EVF to the side of the rig using Zacuto EVF Standard Mount Kit. You can also use the flip out screen on the Canon EOS C300 camera when it is mounted on top of the handle and tipped down.

This rig is compatible with any 15mm accessories. The Z-Focus would be a great add on accessory if you are looking for a follow focus.

Canon C100/300/500 Stinger from Zacuto on Vimeo.

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