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NCB-2010 Network Controller

This 1RU network control box passes through Under-Monitor Display (UMD) protocols to be displayed on Marshall Electronics IMD-capable monitors.
94.515,23 kr HT

3DR-HDSDI 3D Processor Rack mount 3D processor with dual HDSDI inputs for two L/R Sources

Marshall's new 3DR-HDSDI is a high quality 3D digital processor designed to be used with any size 3D monitor or TV set with HDMI and DVI inputs.
90.878,63 kr HT

VS-102-HDSDI HDSDI Video Server

2.0 MP High Resolution Encoder / Decoder with HD-SDI
50.876,03 kr HT

BC-0103-10 Converter, Video (SDI 10 Bit) to SDI

The BC-0103-10 Precision Analog Video-to-Digital (SDI) Converter offers Composite Video or Y/C (S-Video) (NTSC/PAL) to Serial Digital Interface (SDI) conversion module.
13.782,71 kr HT

BC-0301-10 Converter, SDI to Video (SDI 10 Bit)

Marshall's cost effective BC-0301-10 digital to analog module can be configured for use in a variety of applications.
9.418,79 kr HT