24" Right Angle Mini to Standard HDMI Cable

The 24" right angle mini to standard HDMI cable has a swivable cable head.
Manufacturer: Zacuto
Availability: In stock
Manufacturer part number: Z-RHDMI
£910.00 excl tax
24” Right Angle Mini to Standard HDMI cable. The standard HDMI plug has a heavy duty swivable cable head. It can be set at right angles in all directions to avoid strain on the cable. The mini end has a set right angle to avoid strain on the cable and camera HDMI port. This cable can be used with any camera with mini HDMI output. It can be used for any application that requires a mini to standard HDMI connection.

Note: This item is NOT compatible with Zacuto Pincher . The sturdy right angle lessens the strain on the HDMI port, but caution is always advised.

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This item has a limited 1 year warranty.

HDMI Cables Product Overview from Zacuto on Vimeo.